2014’s Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is undoubtedly the best Content Management System and many of it’s plugins are available for free. Though some of its plugins come with price tags, there is no serious complaining whatsoever. Now that we are talking about WordPress plugins, let’s look at the best ones of 2014. Each of these WordPress plugins is effective […]


Chrome Apps Going Mobile

It was last fall when Google made the announcement to bring in new apps using Chrome Apps technology. The HTML5 apps of Google Chrome are all set to work on both iOS and Android. Google made the announcement that the apps are workable on popular mobile platforms. iOS and Android are the most popular and […]


Best New Smartphones Of 2014

The era we’re living today is made up of everything ‘smart’ – From smart eyewear (Google Glass) to smartphones. Technology and advancement made in the field, is making life move faster than before. Gone are the days, when mobile phones were simply used for making and receiving calls. Thanks to smartphones, we can also browse […]


Google Announces Prescription Frames For Google Glass

Google Glass – The product that unveils what lies in the future. The vision, with which the product was conceived, is coming within the focal length for sure. Google – on Tuesday made the announcement of Google Glass add-ons and options – prescription glasses and frames. These features are amongst the most requested ones. Google […]


Getting the Most Life Out of Your iPhone Battery

 While iPhone is among the must have varieties of smart phones for the excellent user experience it affords, it leaves a lot wanting in its battery department. While most of its competition is wowing the user base with an extremely strong battery life in their smart phones, iPhones are yet to make it there. However, […]


Apps that will pay you

As you churn out those extra dollars to download most Apps, there are ways in which you can get some return on that investment. A simple and convenient way is by simply downloading Apps that help you earn as you use them. Now you can truly say it ‘pays’ to use the App. Let us […]


What to Expect from the iPhone 6

 As soon as 2014 rolled around technology radars began craning their robotic necks to track the latest from the Apple nursery – the iPhone 6. Here is taking a look at what people may expect to get from the latest entrant in the sea of smart devices. To begin with, the launch date is still […]


Solar Powered MacBook in the Works

Apple has been awarded with a MacBook patent that will be solar cell powered or photovoltaic. In the layman’s lingo – you can power and charge your MacBook through solar power! Macbook will make use of Photovoltaic unit for energy generation. This patent application was filed 4 years back and is inclusive of complete description […]


‘Trending Topics’ Feature On Facebook Allows Users To Be Even More Up To Date

First ‘hash tag’ and now ‘Trending Topics’?! Boy, Facebook is surely getting into Twitter style for good. It launched ‘Trending’ section, which you can locate on the homepage placed on its sidebar. This feature is open to users in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and India. The section has been redesigned. It shows many personalized […]


Creating Custom Themes with Growl for OSx

You might install Growl for design purposes or simply by accident. There are numerous applications that provide support to it. There are even some applications that are available along with Growl. It is one of the few applications that many will consider to be usable with OS X only. Growl is perhaps the coolest notification […]


Android vs. Apple for Business

When given a choice between Android and Apple, we start to think and scratch our head. It is difficult to choose between the two since both operating systems offer some of the best and effective smartphone features currently available. As a result, both have a strong and loyal user base. Most of the smartphone programs […]


Apple’s Rebound on Wall Street

A day after US President Barack Obama decided to seek congressional authorization for military action against Syria, stock futures increased. It was one move that was expected to delay strikes for at least a few days. Equities are experiencing immense pressure because of the recent prospect that a Western intrusion against Syria in response to […]